Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 1st, can you believe it? 18 days 'til Deline!

Summer really has arrived in Kits.

I started yesterday morning off at the local nursery picking up a few final plants for the balcony. I added some radish and beets yesterday (started by seed), dill, thai basil and parsley in addition to two peppers. The first pepper is a sweet chocolate pepper and the second is a chili pepper. My tomato plants are growing so much, I am so excited.

After a light lunch I wandered over to the pool for a short swim. Found out that if you buy a month pass anytime in June you will get a second month for free. Woo hoo..I'm so glad I waited to finish off my 10 pass.

Last night I went to see the The Visitor. Its the story of how two illegal immigrants change the life of an widower who is stuck in his lonely life of being a professor who pretends to be busy just to avoid social interaction. I loved it. While it was a slow movie I enjoyed just sitting back and watching and feeling the movie develop. The lead character reminded me a lot of my father.

Today the Kits Farmers Market opens. I love biking over and seeing what fresh from the field fruits and veggies they have to offer. I've avoided grocery shopping all week because I wanted to let what I pick up today set the tone for my meals this week.

I am also going to go to a skin cancer screening clinic down at the beach today, its National Sun Awareness week. I figure you can't be too safe.

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