Friday, June 20, 2008

I arrived in Deline yesterday afternoon to warm temps (15C) and lots of sunshine & bugs...Trent wasn't kidding about the bugs.

While waiting in Yellowknife for my final flight, Trent's friend Shawn swung by to visit. I had about an hour to kill so he took me for a quick tour of Yellowknife and showed me all of the places that have become so familiar to me through Trent's stories. Back at the North Wright hanger, I was then treated to another visit by Trent's cousin Kelly who came by and spent the last half hour with me. It was great to see both of them and catch up on what's going on.

I've been here only 22 hours or so and its felt like a whirlwind. I've met so many of the people that I've come to know through Trent over the past two years. I'm not sure if there are many more female students left for me to meet as it seems each time we leave the house we run into another group of them.  Coincidence...I think maybe not.

When we got to the school this morning I was excited to see that his class had left messages for me on the chalkboard. There were also notes on the wipeboard in the staff room joking about Trent's leaving. I joked with them that I was starting to feel really bad for stealing him back but my huge grin gave the truth away. The principal also offered me a teaching job...apparently my lack of experience or teacher training isn't a problem at all.  (Trent humoured me allowed me to take his photo with the note in the staff room.)

Tonight we are off to a BBQ and then Trent is calling Bingo. I am going to play with some of the ladies from school, it should be fun. Tomorrow is Aboriginal Day and there are all kinds of cultural games and activities going on which we plan to participate in.

Plans are to start the canoe trip Monday. There have been many jokes about people joining us but hopefully we'll just have the pilots do a few fly bys over the river to check on us as they go between Deline, Tulita and Norman Wells.

Time to run, we are almost cleaned up here and want to get a quick paddle in before we head to the BBQ.

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