Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Trent says I have given up on blogging so here I am to prove its not true. I was just taking a break.

It's been a busy three months since Trent moved back.

We've done a lot of work on the apartment to find a way to fit in two people and lots of gear. Luckily Trent has a way with shelving.

Last Saturday we completed our marriage preparation course. As much as we joked about it, there really were some good topics. On the wedding front...we got a lot accomplished in NS on our trip there in August. The reception venue and church are all set, we met with the florist and even found our location for the photos..the Dingle. The next big thing on the list is the dress for which I'm heading to MI in November to do some shopping with my sister.

Last Sunday Trent and I headed up to Squamish and climbed The Chief. It was a beautiful day and the 1.5 hour climb to the top was worth every pained step I take now...the downward trek is a little rough on the legs.

Ok..that's all for now.


Elleona said...

Bonjour de France.

Dan Dickinson said...

Love the Dingle!

Jennifer... said...

I fell in love with the Dingle...and the tower. I can't wait to get Tat up the tower of terror.

Trent said...

So, the prophesy is unfolding. You now do things just to prove me wrong? Marriage must soon be upon us!