Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I won!

So its finally marathon week. I can't believe a full year has gone by since Diggs and I had our race off (I still stand behind the fact that I didn't know we were racing). I'm excited to be on the ground this year and getting to experience the marathon from the spectator side of things. I'm feeling good as my runners are outfitted, my volunteers trained and the forecast says its going to be sunny. I can confidently say that the city will be BMO blue on Sunday. I can't wait to see it.

I've just booked my trip home to TO. Coming in on Wed May 30th until Sun June 2nd. Its shaping up to be a busy trip as I will be juggling catching up with the HOF, rendezvousing with Trent, spending some quality time with my sister who is flying in too, plus working Thurs and Fri and paddling on Saturday.

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Lynne said...

Nice - Congrats Bistro girl!