Monday, May 07, 2007

Marathon week is over and thank god as I am exhausted. It was a great day despite the forecast for warm temps and a sun/cloud mix being more than a little off. At least we didn't have the pouring rain and strong winds like last year.

There was so much excitement watching the start/finish and seeing the winners and my friends cross the line that I hardly missed participating. Being a spectator also gave me the opportunity to capture some really great shots of all the action. It is so inspiring to see some of the participants out there. Congratulations to all who participated!

Winner Thomas Omwenga of Nairobi, Kenya

Female winner and third place finisher over all Claudia Camargo of Argentina. Claudia set a course record for women finishing in 2:35:46.

My favourite moment of the race was seeing my friend Jim from my run club cross the finish line and the elation on his face at having qualified for Boston. It was awesome.

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