Friday, May 09, 2008

The date is set and the venues are booked. All this happened last week while Trent was in Yellowknife with a bunch of 9-12 year olds and I was neck deep in marathon. Thank god for Trent's mom...she's been the one getting things moving.

So here it is...

Date: July 11, 2009

Wedding ceremony: St. Agnes Church

Reception: Pier 21

I'm really happy that we got Pier 21 for the reception. Both of my parents immigrated through Pier 21 when they came to Canada from England in the 1950's. I'm really happy that we are finding ways to link my family in to the event as there are so few of us compared to Trent's family and until Trent we had no ties to Halifax. I am also wearing my mother's engagement ring as well as receiving Trent's mom's (yes...I know I am a very lucky girl). It was really important to me to involve my mum somehow and I know she would be so happy to know I was wearing her ring.

I am off to Vegas in 2 weeks with my sister for a little R&R. We are planning to do a little wedding dress shopping while down there. I wanted my first time trying on a dress to be with her though I suspect I will end up buying in Vancouver. I know the style I want but now we just have to see if how it looks when I actually get to try one on.

I think we are going to get Trent's suit through Maxwell's Clothiers. Anyone who has been to Hong Kong on a canoe trip will know Maxwell's. They come to TO/Vancouver a couple of times a year and when I thought of it, it just seemed right.


Lynne said...

If I didn't know what beautiful tailoring they do at Maxwell's I'd think paddlers were keeping them in business.
Have fun dress shopping (be sure to take lots of pictures)!

Jennifer... said...

Its funny, RR had a great shirt on at work the other day and I commented on it and he said it was Maxwell's. That's where the suit idea for Trent came from.

Will take photos but won't post any of the potential winners so that Mr. Waterhouse doesn't see them. We are planning to hit some high end stores just for will definitely take photos of the $50,000 gowns!