Sunday, May 11, 2008

I was in Victoria on the weekend for a swimathon on Saturday.

Friday night I met up with a friend for dinner at Rebar Modern Food. I had heard about Rebar from my sister years ago and remember leafing through the cookbook at her house. I was glad when a colleague from the Island suggested it for dinner. Rebar is famous for their seasonal, local and mainly vegetarian fare and it didn't disappoint. The hummous and tomato chutney we got to start was to die for and I had the three sisters burrito which was sooo good.

Saturday morning I met up with another friend who teaches at UVIC for brunch at Mo:Le. was primarily vegetarian and delicious. I had a bacon and cheese risotto with poached eggs and broccoli (yes, I know bacon is not vegetarian and that is the reason I am not vegetarian).

At noon I headed over the Saanich Commonwealth Pool for the swimathon. I was part of the BMO Belugas team and had set a goal of swimming 4000m's. It quickly became evident that there were 4 of us who were a more serious swimmers than the rest. I proposed that after every 1000m we go down the slide. To my surprise the two local guys and RR all thought we should do it every 500m. So off we went taking turns leading each set, clamoring out of the pool every 500 m and run walking over to the slide to join the line of kids snaking up the staircase to the top of the slide. Ohh how I wish I had photos as we must have looked so funny. At 3000m's I lost my swim partners and finished my last 1000m's doing an assortment of different strokes to give my tired shoulders a break. The complex is has an Olympic sized pool, dive pool, wave pool and the 3-4 story high slide.

Saturday night it was off to dinner in the Rosemeade Dining Room at the English Inn. The food was fabulous and the evening was only topped by the tour of the show kitchen at the end of our meal. Apparently the kitchen has just undergone a $1 million reno, now only if they could afford heat.

I've added a weekend in Victoria to the list of places Trent and I must visit this summer.

Less than 40 days not until I am off to Deline! Yeah.

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