Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trent is laughing at me as I keep madly swatting at a mosquito as  I write this post.  Its tough to get indoors with out a few making it in with you.

The ice came back in Friday evening and it doesn't look like its going anywhere soon as the winds haven't been blowing in our favour.  

As a result we've had to revise our plan and we are now planning on leaving Tuesday morning.  We spent a lot of time talking with some of the locals yesterday at the Aboriginal Day celebrations who are familiar with our planned route from their hunting and trapping.  As we can't cross the Great Bear Lake we are going to have to cut across to the mouth of the Great Bear River via Little Lake and the use of some quads that the guys have over on that side of the lake. Without the use of the quads we'd have about a 6K portage.

I'm so glad we got the opportunity to attend the festivities yesterday.  Trent and I both competed in the archery competition (to the amusement of all the on look
ers), and the couples egg toss which saw us knocked out in the second round when I put my finger through our egg.  
In addition to the games we ate and ate. One of the elders took a shine to me and helped me gut my fish (ok..he gut it) and then instructed me on how long to cook it on the fire.  Not long after that was done he brought me over some delicious pan fried lake trout which wasn't part of the normal offerings.  I also got to have bannock straight off of the fire.  Again..delicious.

Tomorrow is Sahtu Day which will involve more community events and some tradition games in the evening.  Trent are I are trying to get all of our organizing and packing done tonight so that we can take part.  

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